This versatile 0.6 Ton crawler excavator with beautiful design is equipped with plenty of features that maximize comfort , reliability and safety , suitable for wide range of work sites & operations

  • Its platform can rotate 360 degrees.
  • The excavator is equipped with rubber track
  • With multiple functions of digging, grabbing, drilling, bull-dozing, ditch-cleaning and rock-breaking, this excavator can be widely used in various construction projects such as water supply, power supply, gas supply, telecommunication network, farm land and garden works etc.

Accessories Included:

  • 1 x Standard bucket 35cm width with teeth
  • 1 x Canopy
  • 1 x Toolkit
  • 3 x Filters

Packaging :

  • Iron frame plywood box package


Overall Dimension

1 Length (At transportation) 2429(mm)
2 Width (At transportation) 730(mm)
3 Height (At transportation) 1186(mm)
5 Chassis width 691(mm)
5 Width of track shoe 150(mm)
6 Wheel base 792(mm)
7 Track of crawler 704(mm)
8 Min. ground clearance 146(mm)
Main Technical Specification
1 Operating weight 650KG
2 Rated standard bucket capacity(standard SAE) 0.01(m3)
3 Max. digging force for Bucket/Rod 5.2/3.3 KN
4 Max. dump clearance 1461(mm)
5 Max. digging depth 1288(mm)
6 Max. digging radius 2458(mm)
7 Min. swing radius of the front 1133(mm)
8 Swing speed 8.5(rpm)
9 Pressure to the ground 30kpa
10 Traveling speed 1.32km/h
11 Grade ability 30°(58%)
12 Max. Driving force 6.3KN
Petrol (Gasoline) engine
1 Model B&S 19N1
2 Type Gasoline engine
3 Rated output 7.5(KW)
4 Inter-bore of cylinder/stroke 82/58(mm)
5 Total exhaust of cylinder 0.306(L)
6 Rated speed 3600(r/min)
Working Device Hydraulic System
1 Type of main pump Gear pump
2 Max. flow rate 2×9(L/min)
3 Control valve  HUSCO
4 Rated Pressure 18Mpa
5 Motor  DANFOSS
Oil Capacity  
1 Fuel Petrol  5.3(L)
2 Hydraulic oil 13(L)
3 Engine oil 1.1(L)

Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Expected Delivery Time

45 – 60 days (Sailing)

Shipper - Domestc

Express Parcel – Gati KWE


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