Continuous vacuum in milking line : 300mm H20 max
Pulsing : Alternating (two teasts/stroke)
Pulse rate : Same as no. of strokes made min (ideally 60)
Cleaning : Boiling water
Time for Milking Cattle : 1-10 cows/hour cows 3-4 min , buffalo 6-8 min
Employees Needed when milking : One
The Number of Milking Cup Group : One set
Gross Weight : 18kg
Stainless Steel 204 Milk Bucket               The milking bucket is SS204 grade with mirror polished inside & outside. : One pc – 10L


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Expected Delivery Time

15 – 20 days

Shipper - Domestc

Speed Post / DTDC

Shipper - International

EMS Speed Post / DHL


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