Coco peat is used as a soil conditioner. Due to low levels of nutrients in its composition, coco peat is usually not the sole component in the medium used to grow plants. When plants are grown exclusively in coco peat, it is important to add nutrients according to the specific plants’ needs.

Coco peat / Coir fibre pith or coir dust can hold large quantities of water, just like a sponge.  It is used as a replacement for traditional peat in soil mixtures, or, as a soil-less substrate for plant cultivation. It has been called “coco peat” because it is to fresh coco fibre somewhat like what peat is to peat moss, although it is not true peat.

Coir waste from coir fibre industries is washed, heat-treated, screened and graded before being processed into coco peat products of various granularity and denseness, which are then used for horticultural and agricultural applications and as industrial absorbent.

Usually  the end user  expands and aerates the compressed coco peat by the addition of water.

Common uses of coco peat include:

As a substitute for peat, because it is free of bacteria and most fungal spores, and is sustain-ably produced without the environmental damage caused by peat mining.

Mixed with sand, compost and fertilizer to make good quality potting soil. Coco peat generally has an acidity in the range of pH – 5.5 to 6.5, which is slightly too acidic for some plants, but many popular plants can tolerate this pH range.

As substrate for growing mushrooms, which thrive on the cellulose. Coco peat has high cellulose and lignin content.

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